3DCeram présente son imprimante 3D CERAMAKER à CERAMIC EXPO 2015

 23 April 2015

3DCeram is exhibiting at CERAMIC EXPO 2015, from 28 to 30 April 2015 in Cleveland, Ohio. This event, organized in partnership with the American Ceramic Society, is dedicated to ceramic materials and ceramics processing technologies.

3DCeram has been using 3D printing technology to manufacture ceramic parts for more than 10 years. The company developed a unique 3D printing process that allows ceramic parts to be manufactured with the same properties as those produced by machining, injection molding or pressing.

3DCeram used its knowledge and experience of ceramics to create and commercialize the CERAMAKER 3D printer. It uses laser stereolithography that makes it possible to provide a steady and constant output for perfect polymerization, guaranteeing the most homogeneous raw material possible. Thus it ensures a higher density of the fired material, a better resistance of the finished part and a more precise control of dimensional changes of the part during firing.

In choosing CERAMAKER technology, customers gain access to 3DCeram’s know-how. The company R&D team put together ceramic formulations and ceramic processes that are tailored to customer’s needs, according to the characteristics to be obtained.

3DCeram also created a comprehensive and scalable service offer that is suited to customer experience and help them get the best of ceramic 3D printing: in addition to the ceramic 3D printer itself, it includes a software suite (design, CAM…), equipment prints (cleaning hood, kiln….) and a full service package to learn how to use the printer independently (training, after-sales service).

Come and meet us on 3Dceram booth # 337.