Aerospace: optimized additive manufacturing and design assistance

The aerospace industry is constantly seeking to optimize the performance of its equipment (satellites, measurement tools, optical instrumentation, etc.) by exploiting the properties of ceramics and imposing new challenges with a high performance/cost compromise. In this context, the products need to gain in technicality, reduce their development times. 3DCERAM:

  • offers a topological optimization service to support you in the design of your parts
  • allows companies to outsource production.

The ceramic materials are very resistant and exceptional physicochemical properties (corrosion resistance, electrical insulation, etc.). Ceramic products suffer too often from the limit of traditional means of manufacture, limiting their uses to massive parts and little stressed.

Benefit from the advantages of 3D printing to optimize the properties of your part

3DCERAM offers a dedicated service to assist its customer in the design of parts through the upstream integration of the possibilities opened up by 3D printing: the OptiCeram co-design service, developed in partnership with the Ose company.

By using the most advanced optimization tools (optimization of topology) and means of calculation of mechanical and thermal structure, this service guarantees an optimal performance to your part, reducing the risk of failure of the project and optimizing development times.

  • Optimize parts’structure and enhance their mechanical performance,
  • Optimize their weight,
  • Optimize their thermal performance by increasing cooling capabilities.

More about the OptiCeram service.

Outsource production of the part you have designed

3DCERAM’s on-demand production service allows you to confidently get ride of the production constraints associated with the ceramic manufacturing process. The company puts its expertise in the field of the ceramic manufacturing process at your service.

Our workshop, certified ISO 9001, is licensed to work for confidential projects.