EPHJ : 3DCeram partage son expertise et propose CERAMAKER, une imprimante 3D céramique innovante

 15 June 2014

June 6 . 3DCeram will showcase its innovations at EPHJ –EPMT show in Geneva from 17 to 20 June 2014. This annual appointment marks a key moment in the watchmaking and jewelry industry.

A large number of professionals are coming to the show to discover the most innovative technologies to produce exceptional pieces.

3DCeram was a pioneer of 3D printing based on laser stereolithography. Applied to ceramics, this unique technology opens new application fields to watchmakers and jewelers. Based on over 10 years of experience in the field of ceramic 3D printing and more than 20 years in the field of ceramic materials the company has developed a unique expertise enabling to offer its clients:

– 3DMIX, help in choosing the type of ceramic and formulations of ceramic pastes that are tailored to their needs,

– FCP on demand production service based on 3D printing and other technologies (such as injection when the design of the part to be produced is simple)

CERAMAKER, ceramic 3D printers developed on the basis of 3DCERAM expertise in ceramic materials and processes and dedicated support

Major names in jewelry and watches trust 3DCeram for the production of parts that can reach a level of complexity and finesse that are unattainable with traditional technologies (molding, injection…). Significantly reducing the time required to complete their prototypes and bringing a solution to the production of small series of ceramic parts is of great interest to them.

Today 3DCeram offers its customers to internalize this new production technology by developing partnerships to help them developing their own expertise.

The 3DCeram team will welcome you with pleasure at Palexpo stand G101.

Ceramic 3D printer CERAMAKER, by 3DCeram